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Hear what our customers have to say about Foxtail Free Hoodies:

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with your foxtail hoodies. We noticed a difference in our beagle's enjoyment, Bernie, almost immediately. The hoodies you sold us have enabled us to maintain a safe environment for Bernie to enjoy without hampering his ability to enjoy the open fields.
Thanks for everything!
-Cynthia and Kevin Woods

Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Not so! Foxtail Hoodies allowed us to do so on our weekly walks. Thanks so much for helping us help old Archie in his later years.
-Veronica Moore

Wow! We were so surprised at how quickly our dog Rover improved behaviorally at home. No more destroyed furniture and no more biting. We expected he would never behave. We were pleasantly surprised that Rover's use of Foxtail Hoodies had allowed him to expel his extra energy from being inside out on the open tail. Kudos to your Hoodie!
-Mark and Grace Wilson

I love the patience and care shown by Marie in her work. She took her time and really connected with canine comfort and enjoyment before designing a product. Our children love to play with Skip (always foxtail free now), and we aren't afraid of his health anymore. Our family is at peace again. Thanks!
-Dawn and Mario Hernandez

I am amazed at the range of knowledge that Marie possesses. I never thought she could help me with our dog Peter's never ending ability to attract foxtails, but boy was I wrong. Her approach to the problem is far reaching and Peter is less stubborn and seems happier than ever before when hiking with me!
-Joe Flannigan