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About Us

We are literally a "grass roots" company.  Located in Northern California, our area contains a park system with thousands of acres of wilderness area.    As hikers with dogs, one of the many dangers our pets are exposed to is the foxtail and ripgut grass which seed the park system.  This grass is so prolific in invades even residential areas. The most frequently encountered exposure is the eyes, ears, and nose of our dogs, areas that require medical intervention to remove. After enormous veterinary bills for the removal of these insidious seeds, a vet tech (Bea) and I came up with the idea of protective gear. In trial now on the trails for 4 years, our foxtail hoodie embodies the best protection we've seen to date.   We will continue to research  and modify to provide you with the best materials at the most reasonable cost.

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Foxtail Hoodies protect your pet while still allowing full range of movement and completely uninhibited interaction with other pets and friends

Hoodies do not impair fun... your dog can still drink, run, and have fun with the hoodie on!