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For the Dog in your Life, and the Life in your Dog !

The Ubiquitous FOXTAIL:
  • Foxtails are one type of wild barley seed,but not the only one. Rip Gut grass, frequently found side by side with foxtails, is equally as dangerous.Found in the western United States, they pose a severe danger to pets during the summer seasons. Inhaled, they can cause life threatening abscesses and inflammation; blindness in the eye, inflammation and infections at point of entry anywhere in the body

  • As daily hikers in the off leash parks in the San Francisco East Bay area, the most frequently encountered exposure is the eyes, ears, and nose of our dogs. After enormous veterinary bills for the removal of these insidious seeds, a vet tech (Bea) and I came up with the idea of protective gear. In trial now on the trails for 4 years, our foxtail hoodie embodies the best protection we've seen to date.

  • Our size adjustable collar firmly secures the hood. Field tested for three years, our dogs can fetch, backpack, hike, run, swim, drink, and have modeled our apparrel in many of the East Bay Parks. We have continually improved our design to bring you the best product available.

*Please remember that while our products are not known to cause animals any harm, the use of a collar or similar device around the neck is always a hazard under the wrong circumstances. Please use them responsibly and always under personal supervision.